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New Travel Normal - Vaccination Requirements

Travel is opening up more each day, and all international and domestic travel, as well as live events, will all be back 100% - but, with safety caveats! Virgin Cruises has already announced the requirement for proof of vaccination for Covid-19 for ALL their passengers and crew. Other cruise lines will follow suit, undoubtedly, and many countries have, and will continue to have, policies of proof of vaccination for Covid-19 before being allowed to enter the country - or a 14 day quarantine! Now, realistically there is no way to do a 14 day quarantine when on vacation, so, IF you wish to be free to enjoy the world, as travel availabilities expand, and more countries require vaccination proof from its visiting tourists, you should plan on getting a certified proof of vaccine card. Details are currntly being worked on, and requirements changing. We are still awaiting to see the data on efficacy after 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, to determine how recent your vaccination must have been administered in order to be admitted entry onboard a cruise or to a foreign country. Keep visiting this site for further information! We, at Smart Traveler, have been preparing for the New Travel Normal for almost a full year now, and we will be here to help all our customers, both new and existing, navigate their travel. We have always been very focused on ensuring that all our customers, before leaving home, have 100% of all the documents, passports, visas necessary for their trip. Our RD department(not Research & Development - REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION) must sign off on every sale we make. It ensures that the only surprises you have on your trip are happy ones!

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